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Dr. Kayla Bechthold Blog: Eye Exam Options for Hunting Season

Fall is here again, and for many in our area that means only one thing: hunting! Whether it be for deer, fowl, small game or bear, having a clear shot and a steady hand is key.

Having the best vision that you can is the first step to a successful hunting season.

Often the vision needed to spot your target is 20/20. If you are wearing an outdated prescription or a scratched set of glasses lenses it can decrease vision significantly. It can be the difference between a hit or a miss, or a perfect, merciful shot versus chasing a wounded animal through the woods.

Not all eye doctors are familiar with the prescribing requirements for hunters. Dr. Bechthold has experience fitting contact lenses and glasses for hunters, archers, and police officers. There are different ways to prescribe glasses and contacts to optimize vision for these activities.

Contact lenses can provide a fog-free way to have clear vision for the hunt. There are bifocal contact lenses that correct for distance and near. Daily disposable contacts can be thrown out after one wear, so if you want to purchase contacts just for hunting season it can be a very inexpensive, comfortable option.

The lenses in glasses or contacts can be set at different distances to improve results. For example, your dominant eye can be set for distance and non-dominant eye set for near. This allows someone who wears a bifocal to sight distance, but also see the near sight on a rifle or handgun. Lens tints can also optimize contrast to see animals that are camouflaged to their environment.

If you are hoping to have a prescription set for a particular weapon, please let us know. We will schedule your appointment at a time when you can bring your firearm or bow in with you to measure for exact optics.

Even if you’re not the most serious of hunters, it is paramount that your vision be at it’s best to hunt. Call today to set up your eye exam!


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