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Dr. Kayla Bechthold Blog: Is My Child Ready for Contact Lenses?

This is a question I hear a lot. Sometimes it’s an eager 10 year old wanting contacts, sometimes it’s a parent sick of replacing their child’s broken glasses. Everyone is different. Unfortunately, there is no “magical” age that is right for contacts. But, there are some good guidelines to follow to determine if your child is ready for contact lenses.

First, your child is asking to wear contacts. If a mom or dad really wants their child to wear lenses, but the child doesn’t, it usually doesn’t end well.

Second, your child takes good care of their glasses. If they have no idea where their glasses are, it’s unlikely they will be able to keep track of contacts and solutions.

Third, your child can clean their room, do their chores without being told over and over to do it. Kids who are responsible with daily chores/homework/etc. are more likely to be successful wearing contact lenses.

Forth, your child practices good hygiene. If it’s important to keep themselves clean, it’s likely they will keep contact lenses clean.

Fifth, your child is involved in sports. Contact lenses are great for kids who are in sports. Vision is better, and it’s easier to wear protective eyewear.

Sixth, y

our child’s prescription is strong enough to need contacts. It is hard to go through the time and commitment of contact lenses if you hardly notice a difference in your vision with the contacts in.

An option that has become available in recent years is daily disposable contact lenses. A one-time use lens is a great option for kids. There is no cleaning- a new lens is used each time. Because the lenses are new each day the risk of complications from contact lenses decreases significantly. They are more expensive than conventional monthly disposable lenses, but when cost of cleaning solution is added in the difference is small.

Contact lenses are a wonderful option for most people, even kids! Contact lenses are also a commitment to follow your eye doctor’s instructions to ensure your eyes stay healthy. Call us today to see if contact lenses are right for you.

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