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Dr. Kayla Bechthold Blog: New Equipment Added to Improve Your Eye Care Visit!

Eye care continues to evolve every year. With that, we need to evolve too! Bechthold Jensen Eye Care has added three new pieces of equipment to improve the care we offer.

First, we added a new topographer with dry eye imaging. A topographer makes a map of the cornea, which allows us to determine if someone is a candidate for Lasik. We offer Lasik pre-op and post-op care, made even more accurate with this new tool.

The topographer also aids in discovering most corneal disease processes. One of these conditions is keratoconus, which causes blurred vision because the cornea thins and steepens over time. It is usually treated with specialty contact lenses, but in some cases can result in a corneal transplant. If caught early enough, there are treatments available that can stop keratoconus. In order to get that timely diagnosis, a topographer to accurately measure the cornea is needed. The new topographer has a program that can predict if the patient has or will have keratoconus. Pretty cool technology.

This topographer also has a dry eye module, that helps to assess the health of the tear film. It images how quickly the tears evaporate, which is instrumental in determining treatment for dry eye.

Meibomian glands are the oil glands in the eyelid that are responsible for preventing the tear film from evaporating. If these are plugged or damaged the eye will also become dry. These glands are imaged by the topographer as well, again aiding in treatment.

Another new addition to the office is the ILux. The Systane iLux MGD Thermal Pulsation System delivers treatment directly to the meibomian glands with the goal of clearing old, thickened oil that plugs the glands. Treatment of both eyes takes approximately 15 minutes. Clinical studies have shown that Systane iLux increases meibomian gland function by 300% at 4 weeks post-treatment, compared to baseline. This procedure is not covered by insurance, but you can use HSA or Flex accounts. We usually do a manual expression first to see if patients notice an improvement, but the ILux treatment is much more comfortable and effective. Also, we image the glands before and after treatment to monitor for improvement.

Finally, we have also added an autokeratometer and refractor. This instrument gives us a very quick (5 seconds) measurement of the corneas and a baseline prescription measurement. It’s a great place to start especially if it’s your first visit with us.

We strive to be an office that blends the best things about small town local care with the newest technology and professional expertise. We love being in Chisholm and taking the very best care of our patients. Call us today for an appointment!


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