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Dr. Kayla Bechthold Blog: Resources For Seniors in Minnesota

In Minnesota, about 15% of the population is over age 65. We love seeing patients of all ages, and those over 65 are no exception! It is important to have regular eye exams at every age. However, the more birthdays we have, the more likely it is cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration will happen.

Many times when I am working with a senior citizen and their family, there can be issues with transportation, insurance, low vision services, living situations, etc., that fall beyond the realm of eyecare. We try to help the patient, not just patient's eyeballs! Below you will find a list (not exhaustive) of easy to use help for seniors.

  • Minnesota State Services for the Blind, helps those with vision impairment

  • Assisted Living is a community organization that publishes unbiased free web based resources to help the elderly and disabled fully enjoy their healthy years

  • Senior Linkage Line is a telephone assistance service which makes it easier for older adults and their families to find community resources available to them

  • Lighthouse for Vital Living provides training and devices for those with vision impairment

We do our best to help patients and their families get the best care and hopefully live their best lives. There are many resources available to help, sometimes the trick is just knowing who to ask.

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