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Dr. Kayla Bechthold Blog: What’s an Office Progressive?

If you’re over 40 and work on a computer, I’m sure you’ve experienced the neck ache and eye strain that comes from aiming through your no-line (or progressive) bifocals. New digital progressive lens designs offer wider viewing at all distances, and for everyday tasks they work great. However, if you are working on a screen over an hour or two it’s easy to notice they have their limitations.

A conventional no-line bifocal has its widest areas of viewing at far distance (over 20 feet) and reading (about 16 inches). The section of the lens that is for arm’s length (which is where most people have their computer screen) is actually very narrow.

That’s were a pair of “computer” or “office lenses” come in. It has the same progressive lens template, however, we can design them to suit the distances you need. If most of your office work is around 4 feet and closer, we can make the distance part of the lens at 4 feet. Because the lens only needs to adapt to a small distance, the channel is much wider than a conventional progressive lens. Minimal, or no, head tilt is needed. You can easily look down to catch your keyboard or print. This is ideal for many working from home on a laptop, or even with multiple screens.

If your job involves looking up to greet people in an office, we can set the distance to 13 feet. You do not have to remove your office lenses to see people farther away than your computer. This works great for a setting involving meetings with clients. Unlike reading glasses, you do not have to remove your glasses to see someone across your desk.

The office progressive is a perfect solution to the head tilt/eye strain most people have working on a computer. They are priced less than a conventional progressive lens, and most eye care practices (including ours) offer a discount for a second pair. It's also nice to add a blue light filter to these lenses.

Call us today at (218)254-4393 for an appointment to find out more about office progressives.

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