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Have You Been Putting Off Your Eye Exam?

This last year has been a crazy one, and we are all trying to get our bearings living in the brave new world of COVID 19. Many things that we took for granted as "routine" are no longer routine. The lifestyle changes from COVID 19 have touched almost every part of people's lives.

We have postponed many things in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy. Thankfully, vaccinations have started and cases are decreasing. Cautious optimism has begun and I'm grateful.

Last year our practice was open for emergencies only from March 18-May 11. We had to cancel many appointments and put routine care on hold. Even after reopening, the numbers of patients we book during the day has been decreased in an effort to abide by social distancing recommendations.

We have become very adept at cleaning, spacing patients and mask wearing. What seemed to be a daunting task at first is now pretty easy. Four of our five staff members have been vaccinated, including Dr.Jensen and myself.

If you have put off your eye exam because of COVID concerns, it is totally understandable. But, I believe now is a great time to come in for your eye exam. Doctors and staff are ready to see you, for a safe, professional eye exam right here in Chisholm. It is recommended to have an exam every 1-2 years for the health of your eyes, and many conditions affecting the eyes have no symptoms. If you prefer to have an early morning appointment or have special concerns or needs, let us know. We have the ability to see early morning appointments or later evening appointments as needed.

Bechthold Jensen Eye Care is looking forward to getting everyone back in for much needed eye care! See you soon!

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