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What Do I Need to Know About My Eye Exam During COVID-19?

As of May 4 we are still on safe at home guidelines in Minnesota. Currently we are taking only emergencies, telemedicine, and offering curbside delivery and mail options to pick up products. However, we have been working closely with the Minnesota Optometric Association and are hopeful that after May 18 we will be allowed to schedule these visits. During COVID-19 our procedures will be a little different, but you will still receive the same great care!

- We are taking all safety precautions to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for all patients and staff. This includes staff and patients wearing masks.

-What if I don’t have a mask? Am I able to still make an appointment?

Absolutely. We are asking that all patients wear masks to appointments. If you don’t have one, we will provide a sterile mask for you to use during your appointment. But, it is best if you have your own cloth mask, to preserve our supplies of personal protective equipment.

-What precautions are you taking to stop the spread of COVID-19?

We have several precautions in place to ensure the safety of our team and our patients. Our team will be wearing masks, and we are also providing masks to patients, as needed. We are enforcing a 6-foot rule for patients waiting in line at the reception area. We are limiting the amount of people inside the building at one or two at a time and asking that all patients come alone or bring one other person if necessary. We are spacing out our appointments to allow time to thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces and equipment in between each patient so we can ensure a sanitary environment for the next patient. We have protective breath shields at the front desk, optical, and exam room.

-Should I be wearing contact lenses during this time?

Yes, it is okay to wear contacts. One of the main concerns around preventing COVID-19 is the amount of times you touch your eyes and face – If you handle your lenses properly, it’s not as much of an issue. That means you should wash your hands thoroughly before putting your contacts in and properly disinfecting your contacts with a multi-purpose solution, not saline. It also means disposing of your contact lenses according to your doctor’s instructions. If you become sick, we do recommend you discontinue contact lens wear, whether it is the flu or coronavirus, as a good eye health practice.

-Can I try on frames at this time?

Of course! In addition to cleaning each frame after it is tried on, we are continually cleaning all frames and surfaces with disinfectant to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. We also provide additional hand sanitizer for customer use.

-Can I still get my new frames fitted when picking them up?

Yes! We ask that you set up an appointment to pick up your frames so we can ensure that we have an optician ready to fit them for you, and that we maintain only 1-2 patients in the office at a time. Curbside delivery is also available.

-if i'm sick, will I be seen?

No. if you have a fever, upper respiratory illness, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, we would ask that you reschedule. Telemedicine options are also available. Staff and patient temperatures will be checked to help prevent spread of COVID-19.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon, and please check our blog for the most up to date infomation.

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