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Virtual Reality Visual Field Testing Available at Bechthold Eye

We are happy to announce the addition of Virtual Vision visual field testing. Visual field testing is a necessary, important tool we use in eye care. A visual field has many uses, including showing neurological causes for eye disease, following glaucoma, and watching for adverse effects from medications, just to name a few.

In the past, the visual field test took up to 30 minutes to take and was in an uncomfortable machine. Over 20 years the visual field test has improved in speed, but the uncomfortable machine has stayed pretty much unchanged.

Recently, with the advent of virtual reality, a virtual visual field test has become available. There are a few companies that make this technology, but the test we use at Bechthold Eye has been developed at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, world renowned for glaucoma research. It has been ranked best in Ophthalmology by both US News and World Report and Ophthalmology Times.

Instead of leaning your face into a machine and wearing an eye patch, you can sit comfortably in any chair, with controller in hand, and blink and move as needed.

The longest test takes 2-3 minutes per eye.

If you have ever struggled with taking a visual field test, the Virtual Vision field test will make things much easier.

Please call today to set up an appointment! 218-254-4393


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