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Dr. Kayla Bechthold Blog: Why Do I Need an Optician to Buy Glasses?

Have you ever had a pair of glasses that just didn’t work well? They never fit quite right, the vision wasn’t as good as you were hoping, you have to lift them up to read, and the list goes on and on!

Having a great fitting, great looking, great working pair of glasses is priceless. Opticians are trained professionals that are responsible for the right “fit” of the glasses.

Opticians are trained specifically to adjust frames. A frame adjustment means to bend the temples around the ear just right and make sure nose pads are in the perfect spot. If the bend of the temples if off or if nose pads are out of place, the frame can be very uncomfortable and vision won’t be optimal. The front of the frame needs to form to your face properly, and the tilt of the frame must be correct as well to make sure the glasses perform as they should. Never adjust a frame unless you are trained- they are very easy to break!

Opticians measure the distance between your eyes (pupillary distance) and measure for the exact height of the bifocal or trifocal segment. They make sure the centers of the lenses center appropriately on the eye. If the optical centers or pupil distance is not correct, this can cause headaches, eye strain, and decreased vision with that pair of glasses. These measurements are not something easily done by yourself looking in a mirror, or by taking a "selfie" and using an app.

Opticians also help you decide what lens options are right for your specific visual needs.

There are many different lens designs for almost every profession. Office lenses allow you to have a large area to see your computer screen and paperwork, but still allow you to see in the distance to about 6-10 feet. Reading glasses can be set at varying distances depending on the work or hobby needs. For example, people who make jewelry or do beadwork love a pair of glasses set for about 10 inches. There are lenses that have a bifocal on the top and bottom for professions requiring a lot of overhead work- like plumbing or carpentry. Shooting glasses, piano glasses, driving glasses- you name it, there's a lens for that. There are special coatings to block glare from computer screens and night driving, coatings that ease eyestrain, and lenses that darken when you go outside. A visit with your optometrist and optician is key in finding the newest lens technologies and getting a product that will suit your needs.

Glasses are something that you should be able to put on and forget about. They should be comfortable and vision should be as clear as your visual potential allows (if you have cataracts the vision out of the glasses will NOT be as clear as it was 10 years ago before the cataracts!). Opticians are necessary to ensure that happens.

Our experienced staff is always ready to help you find that perfect pair of glasses. Bechthold Jensen Eye Care opticians can find the look just right for you and find lens options to give you your best sight. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on the newest frame designs and lens options available, or stop in to learn more.

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